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Did anyone ever make an hydromagic injector that was adjustable?

That would be the ultimate all-in-one injector wouldn't it?

I have never seen one, but as an owner of both styles, I'm guessing because of the way the adjustables work, the hydro-magic mechanism would get in the way of the adjusting mechanism.

I would love to be proven wrong, though!
I don't pretend to be the final word on the subject of injector razors, but back in the 50's, 60's and 70's, I had the tendency to try almost any new safety razor that came on the market, DE, SE, injector or whatever . . . Always looking for perfection, I guess. (Nowadays, on this forum, I guess I'd be described as having had "Early Stage RAD".)

I did buy a Hydromajic when they came out and I felt it was a great improvement on the injector razor. I also bought both a Schick and a Pal adjustable injector. I think if Eversharp or anyone else had introduced the razor you are talking about, I would have snapped it up. In those days I was kind of "hung up" on injectors.

Unfortunately, I don't recall ever seeing such a razor. I really doubt that one was ever made, but, as BurmaShaver said, I too would like to be proven wrong. I have to believe that if I ever do see such a thing I will have to buy it and give it a trial run.