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SOTD 17.02.2023

O, man. Finally a real shave with a new Dorco ST300 blade in the Progress. Life is good again, although I had a small dentist surgery yesterday and didn't sleep well due to the feeling from it. Not very painful but enough to disturb my sleep. Had to skip the planned swim training for today.


The other good friends today:
Proraso Green pre-shave
LinkIdea bowl
Proraso White soap
Omega Proraso brush - made a good lather from the soap, but it took more soap than the usual. This brush is really hungry 🐷
Capt. Fawcett alum bar
Proraso Red AS :001_wub:

Immediately, from the start, I felt this Dorco blade quite close to my heart. On position 3 in the Progress it was sliding and cutting nicely, without the scrapping sound of the previous Tiger blade. Much sharper, incomparably smoother. Easy WTG pass, I think I can go up to position 3.5.
XATG on 2 without any problems. Repeated the usually problematic lower neck area ATG on 1. Had a slight signal from the alum bar there but the Proraso Red fixed it.

The result 9/10, DFS->BBS

The sun is shining outside.
Smooth shaves, Gents :straight::euro:
Dorco’s are awesome blades. They suffer from bad reviews of yester year - great that you provide a contrarian view!!

Enjoy - I can get up to 7-10 shaves with one blade!


At the first try Dorcos are quite sharp and smooth. Definitely not sharp as the Feather, sharper than Muhle, maybe on the level of Razolution or slightly above.
Will explore this blade to the maximum. After that, next in the line is Treet 7 Days Platinum. Exotics time...

Happy Friday :a54:
SOTD 18.02.2023

:001_wub: Dorco ST-300 :austin1: Merkur Progress :001_wub:

Another nice and smooth shave.


The actors:
Merkur Progress (3.5 - 1.5)
Dorco ST-300 (2nd use)
Tabac soap
Omega Proraso - made enough lather for her to eat and for me to shave. Even left for the sink.
LinkIdea bowl
Capt. Fawcett alum bar - didn't have what to work on today
Tabac EDC - nice and very long lasting aroma

Did WTG on 3.5 and ATG on 1.5 in the Progress, even 1 on the sensitive lower neck area. This adjustable razors a such a great thing - allow you to vary the agressivness and I use this on the max.

The result = DFS -> BBS or 9.5/10

Smooth shave, Gents, and have an enjoyable weekend :a21:
SOTD 20.02.2023
3rd smooth shave with Dorco ST300 blade and the Merkur Progress :hips:

The rest:
LinkIdea bowl
Omega Proraso boar - If you feed it enough it will leave some lather for you. Still very stiff.
Proraso Green pre-shave
Proraso White soap
Capt. Fawcett alum bar
Nivea Sensitive balm
Old Spice Original AS

2 passes.
Easy WTG pass. Started on setting 3.5 in the Progress, decided to go up to 4 and it paid off - easy and smooth, even on the sensitive areas. Followed the beard map on the neck. It is NW-SE in the upper part, SW-NE in the lower, N-S in the middle. So, the shaving forms a rhombus figure with the short diagonal.
The ATG was on setting 2. Made the mistake to do some swirls with the brush on the neck when lather painting between the passes and immediately felt how it scratched the skin. Some irritation after it. Hopefully, the Nivea balm will heal them fast :a16:

The final result: BBS---, or 9.8/10

Smooth shaves, Gents :straight::euro:
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SOTD 21.02.2023

4th smooth shave with a Dorco ST300 blade in my Merkur Progress :thumbup1:

The rest as yesterday:
LinkIdea bowl
Omega Proraso boar - If you feed it enough it will leave some lather for you. Still very stiff.
Proraso Green pre-shave
Proraso White soap
Capt. Fawcett alum bar
Nivea Sensitive balm
Old Spice Original AS


2 passes - WTG on 3.5 and ATG on 2. Easy and smooth. The blade give promises for more shaves left in it.

The final result: DFS+++, or 9/10

Smooth shaves, Gents :straight::euro:
SOTD 24.02.2023
1 year since the unjustified Russian invasion. 🇺🇦 Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦

5th shave with a Dorco ST300 blade in Merkur Progress on 3 day stubble. Consistently efficient and smooth since the first use :ouch1:

The setup:
LinkIdea bowl
Omega Proraso brush
Tabac soap
Pre-shave - soap blooming water
Post-shave - alum bar + Tabac EDC

It so easy to find the right angle with the Progress.
2 passes. WTG on 4, ATG on 2.5, some fixes on 2.
I wonder how this blade performs so consistently well for each shave. Is it due to the lack of coating?

The result DFS -> BBS. 9.8/10 (subtracting 0.2 for the feeling that it could be even smoother if I use higher settings in the Progress).

Smooth shaves, Gents :straight::euro:
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Arrived today from Australia to their new home in Bulgaria:

- Straight razor Titan ACRM-2 T.H.60 (model 251) 6/8
- 60mm wide denim and kid-leather razor hanging strop with brass plated steel hardware
- 4g of rare-earth cerium stropping wax in plastic container

All from the generous PIF of @rbscebu
Thanks, Richard :ouch1:


Unfortunately, I will travel for the weekend, so the first drive will be next week when I gather enough knowledge and courage.

Enjoy your weekend, Gents 🍻
Any progress with the Titan SR or are you still trying to build up your courage?

For your next SR, you might like to consider something like my Spanish point Bengall.

Helps to keep your concentration up 😁.
It is going to be a crazily busy week in both work and family. Barely will have any time for shaving.
Hopefully next week will be able to dedicate the time necessary for this first SR shave. Preparing myself theoretically and mentally in the meantime.

P. S. This Spanish point looks more like a weapon than a shaving tool 🤺
SOTD 27.02.2023

Late record of the shave but this week is so busy. We are preparing the 90th birthday celebration of my wife's grandmother on March 3rd and in the same time I'm pressed with some deadlines at work :letterk1:

6th and last shave with the Dorco ST300 in the Merkur Progress. The blade still feels not dull but it can't delivery the close shave I'm expecting when I shave every other day.
Set the Progress on 4.5 on WTG and 3.5 on ATG but still in some areas I feel the stubble when testing ATG with the back of the middle part of the fingers (saw this method of testing from a Youtube video of an Italian barber).

The other participants:
LinkIdea bowl
Muhle Sandalwood soap
Omega Proraso brush - not eating so much lather as in the beginning but still quite stiff
Proraso Red ASL

Overall result DFS, or 9/10

Smooth shaves, Gents :straight::euro:
SOTD 01.03.2023

Happy Baba Marta (or Grandma March) Day!

This is an ancient tradition when we in Bulgaria gift amulets (martenitsa), like the above, to our relatives and friends in the beginning of March and you carry them until you see a stork. Then you tie it to a blossoming tree, giving your health wishes to it.
The amulets protect you from the evil spirits and are gifted with a wish for health. More info here

About the shave.
Put a 2 times used Feather in the Progress and went overconfident on setting 4 for WTG. The Feather immediately reminded me who is the king of the sharpness with few nicks in the difficult areas. For the ATG went on setting 2.5, then 2.

The rest:
LinkIdea bowl
Tabac soap
Omega Proraso brush
Tabac EDC

The result is DFS-, or 8.5/10
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