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Diamond Paste Available in Australia?


Girls call me Makaluod
I have a friend in Australia who is interested in learning the gentlemanly art. I will initially hone his first SR but he will need a set of diamond pasted balsa strops. Does anyone know of a supplier of diamond pastes in Australia?

He will need 0.5μm, 0.25μm and 0.1μm. All of the other materials we can easily source in Australia.

There is Kemet that I know of, just wondering if there are any others.
I live in Sydney and have absolutely no idea where you would get it from. I am keen myself, to have a go at the pasted balsa strops, but being extremely time poor at the moment, just haven't been able to get things going. I have some balsa and left over subway tiles from our recent kitchen reno - and I went looking for diamond paste on fleabay. There was plenty there to choose from. I would suggest to your friend that he buys it on-line. No guarantees with Australia Post of course!



Girls call me Makaluod
The fleaBay stuff only goes down to 0.25μm (if your lucky). Not sure on the quality as I have never tried it. My last (and only) lot of diamond paste came from the US. That is out at the moment due to the USPS.

From memory, my three pastes from the US cost about USD 45 + 30 postage.
Kemet isn’t cheap. They deal on a more industrial scale. I’ve been in touch with them before. In the end I just ordered from Diamond Tech in the USA.

“Thanks for writing in. I tried calling you but unfortunately didn’t get through.
We don’t stock the diamond paste 10g packaging, hence I’m quoting the 5g below. The C2 concentration is our mid concentration diamond paste. Also the lapping films come in packet of 50. “


These guys are worth a shot. I haven’t ordered from them before but they seem legit. Lots more tech data on the pasted than you usually get. They do 3M lapping film too. Quite a bit cheaper than Kemet and you can order from the website rather than setting up an account.

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