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dgtroy's Entry to the Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Entry
What is your real name?
Darell Troy
What are your nicknames/aliases?
Where do you live?
Sunland, CA
What is your age (or) generation?
64 in July "When I'm 64" Beatles
What are you in the real world?
Somewhere between retired and deciding if I will return to work after Open Heart Surgery.
What is your favorite shave setup?
Have only used one. I believe it is a Gillett adjustable DE (used to me maybe from 50's), Edwin Jagger Brush, MamaBears Unscented (thanks Son). Recently got some Vintage Old Spice soap (nice). Have an assortment of blades and use a drug store cheapie for now. Bought some vintage Old Spice sets been trying them out. Like the smell. This wet shaving thing is my new hobby. Lots of fun. Thanks to all the members of B&B and all the threads that teach us the Art!!
What are your hobbies and favorite activities?
Collecting and Listening to Music, Singing, Wet Shaving, Gardening, The Great Outdoors, Helping others less fortunate.....
What else should the members of B&B know about you?
I was a Marine Reservist at age 17, Drafted for Vietnam a year later. 22 active days with Army and 90 or so as a reservist. The wonderful Gentlemen at Badger and Blade gave me Veteran status. A very touching moment in my life I must say! (120 days of active service to qualify in the armed forces benefits) never did. Thank You Again B&B and all Veterans for their service to the USA!!!!!!! Hoo Rah!!!
Welcome to the HOF, Darell. And as to that veteran's tag: IMO if you were active duty--for even ONE day--you deserve it! Thanks for your service.
Welcome to B&B. This is the place to be to get guidance on wetshaving. No shortage of expertise here.

Thank you for your service.
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