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Design Help for Budget Shaving products

As some of you have likely heard, I'm working on a line of budget shaving products. ($10 or less) I need your help though in selecting the label design, so if you could click this link and cast your votes, it would be very helpful!

Help me choose my new design!

All tubs will be plastic, just like Chiseled Face - some designers just used metal tubs in their renderings. No metal tubs will be used. White tubs with black lids are what I'm going with.
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Honestly I'm not loving the drawing of the man shaving, nor the name 'Stubble Buster'. or the tag line 'For Men, By Men'.


Voted. And sandalwood, oakmoss, and pineapple sound like an interesting scent combination.
Well my fav which I thought had the most pop didn't even make it to the podium, go figure. My second fav did place third...so cool.

Haha. This was fun, I like marketing techniques.

Good luck with the launch!