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Deodorant of the day?

Mitchum Unscented Roll-on. I hate roll-ons, but it fits into my dopp kit at work. It just never seems like I'm actually getting any product out of them. Maybe I'm just an idiot who doesn't know how to work things. 🤔
Mitchum Unscented Gel. It’s really the only unscented antiperspirant I like. Arm & Hammer is a close second.

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This is my third day using it, and I'm super impressed. I originally got it as a night deodorant, so my armpits wouldn't be all sticky at night. I figured it wouldn't affect too much if it didn't work well since I was just sleeping. I tried it during a work day and I was surprised that by the time I went to bed I still didn't have any odor. Not sure how well it will hold up to a Louisiana Summer, but right now it's aces.

Since the dang things last a year, I've been doing a second application before bed. Not sure it's needed, but I have been anyway. If anyone is on the fence about trying it out, I'd say go for it. Just bring a back-up anti-perspirant if you're paranoid like me.
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