Deodorant of the day?

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    Since the topic comes up often can we have a deodorant of the day?

    I will start.

    Old Spice Citron
  1. Speick, after an all-speick shave.
  2. Old Spice Amber!
  3. I have been using Mennen Speed Stick Regular for years & it works for me.
  4. I use Mitchum Sensitive Skin, Scentless. I don't like the idea of overpowering and drowning out a nice soap/aftershave/EDT.
  5. TOBS Sandalwood roll on stick. Smells just like the cream and aftershave.
  6. Right Guard Sport
  7. I like to layer my deodorant. I use a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar in a squirt bottle while in the shower to balance the PH level in my armpits. After rinsing and drying off I use a mineral salt roll on from Kiss My Face. Then while dressing I use another roll on by Aubrey Organics with Vitamin E and High C.
  8. Right Guard Sport
  9. Old Spice Denali
  10. OG Old Spice
  11. sandstone

    sandstone Contributor

  12. Arrid XX Extra Extra Dry Regular Scent Solid.

    I'm not a big fan of the sporty scented deodorants. For one, they don't seem to work super well for me and I always associate the smell with BO for some reason. I don't know if it's the cheap cologne smell or if they just don't work as well for me so I do develop BO, but I avoid them. Arrid is about the only thing I've ever found that works super well for me, even out to 2 days with no shower (camping trip, don't judge).
  13. Right Guard Sport
  14. Old Spice Citron
  15. Right Guard Sport
  16. Old spice Wolfthorn
  17. Old Spice Pure Sport High Endurance gel.
  18. Arrid XX Extra Extra Dry Regular Solid.

    This is starting to look a lot like a post mill....
  19. Dove cool silver deodorant. Kinda reminds me of Clubman.

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