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FS Den reduction: modern Rockwell, Karve, Henson and vintage Gillette adjustable razors; Karve and Alpha badger brushes

I really only use injectors razors and a couple of brushes now, and the rest gather dust in the cupboard. Time for some items to go to people who will enjoy using them. All prices are USD (stated because I am in Canada) and include shipping to CONUS or Canada. Payment by PayPal G&S of course. Please PM any questions, including any requests for extra photos.

The modern razors have all been used a handful of times and are in excellent, near-mint condition. The Gillettes were refurbished and refinished in 2015 (iirc), used a handful of times, then cleaned and stored within a year -- no visible wear on the Cerakote.

The Alpha T-400 aluminum brush has been used about a dozen times -- last use in 2018. The Karve has been wetted once. The Alpha titanium (purchased in 2018) has never been used.

1. Rockwell 6S matte stainless steel in box with leather head cover. $90.


2. Rockwell T-2 in Gunmetal Chrome in box with leather head cover and accompanied by Gunmetal Chrome razor stand. $110


3. Karve Christopher Bradley razor in brass with 3.5" handle and Open Comb " C" plate, accompanied by brass razor stand. $100


4. Henson AL13 "Medium" steel blue razor. $50


5-7. Three Gillette adjustable razors refurbished and refinished in black and red Cerakote by Delta Echo Razors (ceased operations in 2016 or so). All in perfect working order and unmarred Cerakote finishes:


5. FatBoy E-1 (1959)
6. Slim I-2 (1963)
7. Super Adjustable SA-109 P-3 (1970)
Price is $110 each or the set of three for $275

8-10 brushes:


8. Karve skateboard maple handle set with two-band badger 20mm knot, loft 50mm. $70

9. Alpha Shaving Co. T-400 aluminum PROTOTYPE brush. Set with 24mm two-band badger knot. $60

10. Alpha Shaving Co. titanium Outlaw brush fitted with finest available Manchurian badger 24mm knot. In bamboo storage tube with storage bag. (Current production titanium brushes cost $235+shipping and come with a synthetic knot only. This older one fitted with badger cost closer to $300.). $200

Thanks for looking,

No nibbles, apart from the Henson, so let's try some price drops.

Rockwell 6S was $90, now $80.

2. Rockwell T2 with metal razor stand was $110, now $100.

3. Karve CB and brass stand was $100, now $95.

5-7. Delta Echo refurbished Gillettes were $110 each or the set for $275, now
5. Fatboy $100
6. Slim $95
7. Super Adjustable $90
Set of three for $250.

8. Karve maple/badger brush was $70, now $60.

9. Alpha Shaving T-400 aluminum/badger was $60, now $55
10. UNUSED Alpha Outlaw TITANIUM/Manchurian high mountain badger was $200, now $190 shipped! That's a steal, gentlemen, for a mint titanium brush no longer obtainable with a badger knot!
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Razor #1 - Rockwell 6S - now SOLD.

Razors #5 and #6 - Delta Echo refurbished Gillette FatBoy and Slim - now SOLD. The SuperAdjustable SA-109 of that set is still available.
Is this one still available??
9. Alpha Shaving T-400 aluminum/badger
Sorry. Just saw your post now. Yes, the Alpha T-400 aluminum (#9) is still available. So is the Karve badger brush (#8). And the Gillette Delta Echo refurbished Super Adjustable razor (#7). The rest are sold.
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