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FS Den Purge (Charcoal Goods, Muhle, RazoRock, B&M, Simpsons, etc.)

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After nearly a year in this hobby it’s finally my turn to have a big den purge. These are all fine products and everything is in excellent working order…they’re just not getting any love.

I’ll pay PP fees and you’ll pay just $4 for CONUS shipping, no matter how much stuff you buy.

All razors are damage-free and function as they should. The Muhle and RazoRock look pretty close to new, and the Gillettes are only cosmetically challenged (no bent teeth, cracked handles, etc.).
  1. Simpsons Chubby 2 Synthetic, used 2 or 3 times, no shedding - $70
  2. Semogue SOC Badger, cherry handle, used 2 or 3 times, no shedding - $45
  3. Game Changer Set: UFO handle, unknown steel handle, .68 and .84 plates - $65
  4. Mühle R41 Twist - $45
  5. Gillette Post-War Tech - $20
  6. Gillette Red Tip, date code D4 - $25
  7. Gillette Goodwill 160 - $35
  8. B&M Reserve Classic Set, used 3-4 times - $25
  9. B&M Reserve Spice Soap, used 2-3 times - $15
  10. Noble Otter Northern Elixir Set, used 2 times - $25
  11. Charcoal Goods Magnum Handle, bright brass - $70
  12. RazoRock Big Bruce synthetic brush - $8
  13. Omega synthetic boar brush - $5
  14. H&S 24mm synthetic brush - $5
  15. Pre de Provence aftershave balm, used 3-4 times - $5
Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need additional pics for any item. It’s hard to value the vintage stuff so let me know if you think pricing is out of line.


Gonna close this for now and maybe post another purge in a couple of weeks. Thanks to B&B and all the buyers!
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