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FSOT Den Downsizing - Pereira bowl, R89 Grande, PAA Soaps(Droid Black, Future Fiction), AS, Creams etc

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Hi B&B, I recently got back into this hobby a year ago after taking a hiatus from 2010. I purchased some stuff this year that I would like to sell or trade as the full lot. This lot should be good for a newbie or a vet wanting to try out some new gear. Everything was purchased new this year except for the Inferno soap. This is my first BST so if there is anything I missed just let me know. Let me know if there are any questions or more pictures are needed.

Total Lot Price is $95 USD (retail as seen below is $245)
Price includes shipping to CONUS only and I’ll provide USPS tracking numbers.

For Trade Interested in dealing for:
Karve CB - Stainless C plate solid bar ( 3.5'' handle preferred)
Gillette Red Tip - excellent condition
Gillette Fat Boy - excellent condition
Rex Ambassador

ItemCommentsRetail Price
Muhle R89 GrandeUsed ~ 10 times - like new condition; Includes original box and blade(not pictured)$ 65

Pereira Shavery "Unbreakable" Lather Bowl- BlackUsed ~10 times - includes original box;The 2 "somewhat sharp" areas inside the bowl (the "star" and the "P") were lightly hand sanded smooth with high grit Sandpaper for better brush care - IMO better than new; Currently Out of stock at West Coast Shaving$ 38
QShave Shaving Scuttle - BlackUsed 4x - Like New condition - Purchased from Amazon$ 22

PAA Future Fiction SplashUsed 2x$ 25
PAA Future Fiction Shave Soap CK 1Used 3x - scooped$ 15
PAA Droid Black Shave Soap CK1Used 3x - scooped$ 15
Goodfellas Smile - "Inferno" SoapClaimed tub loaded 2x by original owner - I personally never used$ 12
Razo Rock "What the Puck?!" Soap - Black LabelNew$ 5

Captain's Choice - Sandalwood Shave CreamUsed 3x - scooped$ 16
Proraso Shave Cream - Green (Menthol and Eucalyptus, 150ml)Used 4x$ 10
Proraso Shave Cream - Red (Sandalwood 150ml)Used 4x$ 10

Bull Dog - Original Moisturizer - 100ml~70% remain$ 10
Moon Soaps - Union Soap SampleFrom Moon - 50% remain$ -
PAA Droid Black Splash Sample100% remain$ 1
PAA The Beach Splash Sample90% remain$ 1

New Retail Totals
$ 245


PRICE REDUCTION TO $85 and I'll throw in 1 tuck of 5 Nacet blades which go well with the Muhle to get you started. I will be in the area of the post office this afternoon or tomorrow.
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