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FS Den Clearout, charcoal goods, Paladin, UFO, ETHOS, etc.

Den Clearout

Looking to thin the den down a little. Shipping from APO (military overseas) so have access to USPS as well as DHL for buyers in EU. Shipping CONUS included, shipping EU buyer throws in another $10 towards DHL.

1. Charcoal Goods Gen 2 lvl 3 stainless steel with vertigo handle. This is the only metal the Gen 2 lvl 3 was made in and now charcoal goods has retired. Comes with original case, $400.

2. Razorock gamechanger .84 oc with barberpole handle. Bought new for $67.99 and used 2x. Looking to get $50.

3. Razorock Lupo DLC SS. No longer made. Looking to get what I paid, $100.

4. Paladin Sumo handle in Neptune finish, barley seconds from their website. Knot was steamed out and installed a 25mm Muhle STF knot. Looking to get $50.

5. UFO colibri SS handle with rare L twist. Handles no longer made. Comes with certificate and case. Looking to get what I paid, $150.

6. Asylum Levante triple milled shave soap with wood bowl. Purchased new for $36 and lathered 1x. Looking to get $28.

7. Lothur Calm shave soap. Lathered 5x. Looking to get $12.

8. Grooming dept Ousia shave soap. Bought new for $29 and lathered 3x. Looking to get $20.

9. Cutting edge shave soap. Lathered 1x. Looking to get $12.

10. Macduffs lilacs in bloom shave soap. Bought new for $19.99, scooped 2x. Looking to get $12.

11. Oaken Labs far afield shave soap and splash. Set is $50ish new. Scooped/splashed once. Looking to get $30.

12. ETHOS rendezvous soap & splash. Bought new for $64, lathered/splashed 4x. Looking to get $35.

13. ETHOS colonia sample soap & splash. Splash new was $28, looking to get $20 for the set.

14. House of Mammoth kryptonite soap/splash. Bought new at $47, lathered/splashed 5x. Looking to get $25.

15. Last 4 assorted aftershaves in picture, add any two to an order for an additional $5.


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