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FS Den Clearing Sale; Muhle/Rockwell/Charcoal Goods razors, Karve baseplates and bonus freebies

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Doing a bit of den cleaning, trying to keep my rotation in check yet again. I've been learning that I'm a bit fickle as to what I keep around
but I think I've dialed it in a bit hopefully. Each razor purchase gets the buyer one free item as shown below, of their choosing, first come first serve, as usual CONUS only shipping which is already included in the price.

Muhle Rocca Jet $100


Fantastic razor that was my #1 for the longest while, but I've over time found it to be "boring" I suppose...just does too good of a job if that makes any sense, found myself reaching for it less and less. I believe it's one of the later revisions to the head, V4 I believe, could be wrong but it shaves like a dream either way.
Originally paid about $130 for it, seeking $100

Charcoal Goods hammered copper handle, Everyday razor head $120

Come to discover I don't really like the handle, and the head is just a bit too mild for my liking. Figure if I ever want to revisit Charcoal Goods I can do so at a later date and just sell this one off at a good deal to someone that may want an excellent mild shaver.
The handle was originally $49 and the head $125, but I'm selling it collectively for $120.

Rockwell 6s $100

This came to me as apart of a trade deal from a forum member from an earlier BST listing I made some time back, originally was going to gift this to a friend but they politely declined, haven't used this particular 6s myself but have had experience with the black coated version last year when I started out wetshaving, can vouch it's an excellent shaver.
Seeking $100

Karve OC F plate brass/ SB E plate brass base plates only $35

Found that I prefer to keep my Karve as a more "mild" shaver, seem to get better shaves with a C or D plate, willing to let the pair go for $35

The Bonus items with razor puchase:


Razorock "Disruptor" synthetic brush, Semogue Galahad boar and Razorock barbershop pole stainless steel handle

Purchasing one of the above complete razors nets you one of the above items of your choosing free, again first come first serve.

Thanks for looking!
Muhle and CG razors SOLD, buyer chose both brushes leaving the Rockwell with the complementary Razorock handle
To further sweeten the deal, I'll throw in a Semogue Mistura C5 Torga brush along with the handle as a bonus with purchase of the Rockwell
Mistura is withdrawn as a bonus, instead I will add Stirling Green and Tsuka seasonal soaps both as a bonus along with the Razorock handle with purchase of the Rockwell
Further price drop of the Rockwell to $80, again, included for free is the Razorock barbershop pole handle and the two Stirling soaps!
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