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FSOT Den Clearing - Razors (R41, Progress, Slim, Prewar Tech, GC plate...) Blades, Software etc..

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Hi B&B, Den clearing to downsize. Thanks for looking.
All Items Purchased new within the last year or so except for Progress, Willimans Mug and Colonel Conk
Razors are shave ready (Cleaned and heads disinfected with Alcohol); Brush is also shave ready (recently cleaned with hot water and PAA Brush Cleaning Soap)

Shipping CONUS only. $60 and over ships free. Under $60 add $6. Entire Lot is $200 and shipping is included.

Or looking to trade for:
Blackland Blackbird SS standard bar (Standard Handle 85mm)
Karve Chistopher Bradley SS SB D or OC D (3.25'or 3.5''' Handle) - Full Razor
Timeless SS - .95 scalloped, 85mm handle (Barber pole preferred) - polished
RazoRock Lupo .95 Plate or full razor with Barber Pole Handle.
RazoRock SS handle - Super Knurl or Barber Pole
Timeless Crown Handle (Ti) (TRH8) Polished
Gillette New - Short Comb - with Common Bar Handle
Personna Med Prep blades (5) or so to try
Wizamet - Super Iridium blades (100) or whatever



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Astra, permasharps and PAA sample are SOLD!

I am planning on sending orders tomorrow so get your orders in! One freebee remain - Arko!
GC Baseplate Sold!

Here is what remains:


1 Freebee on the next order is Arko

I will sell the remaining items as listed above at a good discount for $95 shipping included CONUS.


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Fathandle tech gone. All other items are spf except for the 41c , moon soaps Sorrento and the chrome razor/brush stand. For those 3 I will reduce to $35 and I will pay for shipping
Final drop to clear out.
$21 for the 41c, $5 to add on moon Sorrento, $5 to add the chrome stand. Shipping is included.
Stand gone so what remains…

$21 for the 41c, $5 to add on Moon Soaps Sorrento - Shipping is included.

Thanks B&B!
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