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FS Den Clearing - Muhle STF brush, AP shave co Titanium brush (Simpsons platinum), vintage Tech

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Hi B&B, more den clearing as I continue my journey….
Prices include CONUS shipping and I am going to prioritize selling the lot over individual. CONUS only.

Entire Lot $99

1. Muhle STF XL 25 mm synthetic knot with AP Shave Co aluminum Bronze Matte “Layered Comfort” handle. Selling for $60. Like new condition used 2x. Original box included.

2. AP Shave Co 26mm “Titanium“ synthetic knot(same as Simpsons premium “Platinum” paired with an AP shave co Blue and Clear handle. Selling for $30. Like new condition used 5x. Original box included.

3. Post war vintage Gillette Tech with the solid ball end handle. Embossed “Gillette” on top cap which is pretty cool. Excellent shape. Original and No plate loss except possibly a couple small bits on the handle knurling. Blade alignment and shave is great. For now this is my last vintage sell off and was a tough one. It’s the whole shaver vs collector thing. Let someone else enjoy. $20

If it doesn’t sell as a lot then reduce the overall price by $5 if 2 items are bought together.

Any questions let me know. Thanks for looking - Chris.


Muhle on bottom:


Muhle brush sold!

Looking to sell the AP Shave Co brush with the blue handle (and Titanium synthetic knot) along with the Tech razor for $45 total. I paid $39 for the brush about a month ago so that is like getting an excellent condition tech for $6!

This is a good way to try the premium synthetic Simpson knot for less money. :)
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