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FS Den Clearing, Charcoal Goods/Paladin/Soap lot/razorock/razors/brushes

Been sitting on some items for a while that I’ve been meaning to sell so here goes. All prices are shipped CONUS. I’m located in Germany but I’m US Military so can send through USPS. I will ship DHL within the EU but buyer has to pay 10€ towards shipping.

1. PAA Meta-4 stainless steel razor. Used 1x but too mild for me. Paid $69.95 plus shipping, selling for $58.

2. Razorock Lupo DLC with leather case and Razorock Lupo aluminum. The DLC is my favorite razor currently and somehow I ended up with 3 so I’m selling this one. Selling the DLC stainless steel one for $100, selling the aluminum Lupo for $20.

3. 28mm Paladin Bazooka PK-47 with A7 knot. Won this one off their auction page for $375. It’s one of the best Bazooka pours I’ve seen for one of their brushes with one of the best knots I’ve tried from Paladin. Selling for $350.

4. Semogue TSN 2020 limited edition boar brush. 24mm in tortoise pour. Comes with original box. $58

5. Thater Stainless Steel brush stand. Bought for $48, Selling for $35.

6. Charcoal Goods hammered magnum handle in brass. $150.

7. Razorock Lupo stainless steel .72 plate. Used once. Bought for $37.99, selling for $30.

8. Timeless razor TRH1 handle. $25.

9. Custom Viking shave brush handle, drilled for 26mm knot. Clear on the bottom and metallic silver on the top portion. $50

10. Wooden razor stand, holds 5 razors. $30.

11. Soap lot. Includes Oaken labs Far Afield soap/splash, scooped 1x. Grooming Dept OUSIA, lathered 1x. Wholly Kaw padre Leone soap/splash, 70% left. Cutting Edge soap, lathered 1x. McDuffs soaps Lilacs in Bloom, scooped 3x. Sterling soap island man sample. House of mammoth kryptonite splash, 90% left. Selling the lot for $60.

If you have any questions or want more pictures just send me a message. Thanks for looking.


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