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Den clearing - Blackbird, badger/boar brush, 10k sharpening stone, GEM Clog Pruf

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All prices shipped CONUS.

Blackland Blackbird, machined stainless SB with 81mm handle. I wanted to try this to compare with my Brass version that has the 101mm handle. I prefer the longer handle and the brass. $150. Has the original packaging and is in like-new condition - I only used it twice and have cleaned it.


A 24mm 70/30 Badger-boar mix knot set in a Charcoal Goods black metal handle. A very nice brush - soft like badger but with a bit more backbone. But I've been using my stoat and horse knots exclusively for the past several months so I thought this should go to a new home. I really do like that handle. $50.


A Naniwa 10k Super Stone for straight razor sharpening. I received this with the crack corner break you see on there. There's still 6.5" of smooth uninterrupted surface , but because of the break I'll put on a steep discount - $50 shipped. It served me well with sharpening some straights but I'm doing less of that these days.


GEM Clog Pruf razor. Some brassing and slight scraches on the top. Still clamps a blade well and shaves with no issues. I'm not a huge GEM guy. I'll include some spare blades. $14 shipped.

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