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Den Clearance #3 Simpsons Duke D2, Commodore X3, Muhle, LPL, Tabac, Feather, Pearl

Hullo Folks,

Continuing with my Den Clearance bout initiated recently, here's the third lot on offer :-

First up are 2 popular and highly regarded Simpson brushes the Duke 2 and Commodore 3, both in best badger.




Both the brushes have been used a few times. Will each come in original retail packaging. Asking $75 for the D2 and $65 for the X3 OBO.

Muhle 31K257 Silvertip Fibre Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush (Ivory Resin) - Used 12-15 times. Great Condition. Comes in original package. Asking $30

Tabac Shaving soap 125gm Refill - New. Havent even bothered to remove packaging. Asking $10

Le Pere Lucien Traditionnel Shaving soap 98 gm bowl - Used only a couple of times. Asking $12

Feather Popular TTO Razor - Used 20-25 times. Good Condition. Asking $12

Pearl SS01 Razor - Brand New unused. Comes in original package. Asking $14

Shipping to the USA is $5 (first 0.5 pounds) and additional $4 for every additional 0.5 pounds. Similar rates for Europe. Please check for exact quote. Items will be shipped from India and may take upto 3 weeks for delivery depending on location.

PS - A Godrej shaving soap will come free with all purchases >$30.
Thanks a lot for your interest gentlemen. The X3 has been one of the most likeable Simpsons given its (relatively) decent handle size and 24mm knot size at affordable prices.
I've used the same Muhle Silvertip synthetic brush for a few years now, and it's a fantastic alternative to the badger. Whoever buys it, will be glad they did. Good luck with the sale. :)

Syd is a great seller, very communicative, and has great stuff. Best of luck with the sale old friend.

Happy Shaving
US Army Veteran, Foxhole Shavers Club Member
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