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FS Den cleaning!

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For sale razors,shave soap and brush.
Shipping from Europe. Worldwide shipping with tracking number,very fast delivery.
Write me the product you are interested in and the country you live in and we will calculate the postage cost.
Payment with paypal.

Kent BLK12S synthetic brush with box 30$
Omega boar 11126 with box 11$
Lord L122C dual comb razor 4$
Gillette super 84mm code P2 excellent condition and working without original box with custum case 80$
Rex ambassador R1 code 2021 with original box and cards 125$
(It has fallen once and has a mark only on one side of the topcap.You can also see it in the photos.It functions properly.).
Razorock barber pole handle excellent condition 17$
Razorock razor case excellent condition 6$
Shaving cream T&H no.10 fully 80% 9$
Shaving soap Savon Mystere 125gr fully 80% 17$

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