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Den Cleaning - Canada Day PIF


British Sterling Roaming Lather ~Full (Used Once)
British Sterling Aftershave Balm ~Full (Used Once)
British Sterling Preshave ~Full (Used Once)
Stetson ~Full (Used Once)
Adidas Pure Game ~80%
Old Spice Pure Sport ~80%
Bootleggers Bay Rum ~80%
Aqua Velva Musk ~Full
Aqua Velva Ice Sport ~Full
Monsieur Musk ~80%
Col. Conk Bay Rum ~75%
The Body Shop Maca Root Shave Cream ~75%
Kiss My Face Grapefruit Shave Cream ~50%
Kiss My Face Mint Shave Cream ~50%
Nivea Sensitive Skin Shave Cream ~Full
Super-Max Original ~50%
The Real Shave Co. Sensitive Skin Shave Cream ~75%
The Real Shave Co. Menthol Shave Cream ~75%
Derby Shave Stick ~75%
Prohibition Style Southside Fizz Shave Soap ~50%
Godrej Shaving Round ~75%
Proraso Green ~50%
Proraso White ~25%
La Toja Shave Cream Sample
Henri et Victoria Lumberjack Falls Sample

Entry is available to all residents of Canada. To enter simply post "I'm in". I'll draw the winner on July 1st.

Thanks Everyone!
Not in because not residing in Canada (missed by only three generations :001_rolle), but supportive of both this PIF and my cousins to the north. Happy Canada Day!
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