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Den Cleaning. 2 Starter Sets, 1 SE set, 1 Cologne


So, I really need to unclutter my den of things I no longer use, and want them to go to a good home. Since everything includes CONUS, I'm willing to knock a few bucks off if any one happens to want to buy more than one thing. I haven't used any of the razors (except the SS in the basic set 2, which a friend tried last week) in weeks or months, but I'm more than happy to give them a Barbercide dip if you'd like. Just let me know. Feel free to Pm any questions, and no, the leather case I took the pictures in isn't for sale. :wink2:

Starter Set 1 (premium/variety set $90 Conus) (reduced from 100)

Razors: Mint Long Handle Merkur Hd (38C), user grade Gilette old (has minor crack in shaft, flea bites on head, etc.), user grade black handle Gilette Superspeed M1 date code (has significant paint loss on handle, and some oxidation on aluminum parts. It also squeaks a little when opening/closing but shaves well.)

-Brushes: EJ Best Badger (lightly used), Turkish Horse Hair ( used about 3 times plus a half dozen "practice lathers.").

-Blades: 5 pack of: Red IP, Asco, Yellow pack Russian Gillette( actually a 6 pack), and Astra SP.

-Cremes: Derby lavender, CO Bigelow
Soaps: Arko, Williams (every one should try it, and it superlathers well with the derby, IMO)

Starter Set 2 (basic set, $40 Conus)

Hardware: User grade black handle Gilette Superspeed razor and an EJ Best Badger brush (used)

Blades: 5 pack of: Red IP, Yellow pack Russian Gillette( actually a 6 pack), and Astra SP.

Cremes and Soaps: Derby lavender Creme, Arko Soap

3 Gem SE set ($17.50 conus): (reduced from 20)

Bullet tip Micromatic, gold featherweight, and solid brass Open Comb Micromatic

Aramis Cologne ($25.00 Conus) (reduced from 30)

I've used it like 5 times, and have had it for several years, but scent is still strong. Smells great, but it bothers my allergies, sadly.
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That's if he relists items.
Good to know....i thought it referred to any price adjustment but after looking at the rules (7.) No post bumps from the seller will be allowed, however sellers can answer any questions posted in the threads, and can post minimum 10% price reductions as frequently as they desire.)...i stand corrected.

thanks and my apologies to the OP.