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Delurk and Hello from PDX


I'm returning to DE shaving after an extended hiatus. In 2005 I decided to give DE a try and stuck with it for a few years. I do tend to suffer from AD so accumulated a small assortment of razors comprising a Merkur Classic and Long Classic, a Feather Popular, a TOBS butterfly, and a Merkur Vision.

As so many newbies do I did: juggled too many variables with too little patience — bleeding was a routine part of my life. I didn't mind too much once I discovered something called Seal-On Blotters, but then that miracle product disappeared from the market place. Sad face (literally).

Around 2012 I started using Harry's cartridges exclusively pretty much because I liked the handle and the blades were not terribly expensive. I've trundled along with those for years, used with various Proraso products (love the red; the green seems to actually work better for me; like the blue, hate the smell of the white).

As I worked my way through my last box cartridges I decided to try DE again and hit the 'net to re-orient myself. I had a spasm of AD and bought an assortment of blades in a sampler and an assortment of soaps. I've been using boar brushes so added a synthetic thinking that if I was starting over I should be open to new ideas :) Having bad flashbacks when I dug out my old razors I went against the advice to ignore adjustables and spent my dog's inheritance on a Rex Ambassador.

I do plan to follow the advice I read and limit variables to one change at a time, for extended periods with each change. I'm going to stick with my existing brush and bowl and use the same (albeit new) soap and razor until I am able to obtain repeatable, consistent, drama-free shaves.

This morning I had my first DE shave in along while and perhaps because I was mindful and very cautious I am satisfied with the shave I got.
  • Pre — Razorock Lime block
  • Lather — Noble Otter BarrBarr
  • Brush — Semogue 1470
  • Razor — Rex Ambassador on 1.0
  • Blade — Astra SP
  • Post — Proraso Wood and Spice balm
Two passes plus touchup, no nicks. One in a row! :)

One thing I learned today (here and watching a youtube about a bowl) is that I have *never* in my life made a decent lather. I just today did a couple of lathers for the heck of it with two different brushes and am satisfied that tomorrow's lather will be much improved.

Great forum here; thanks to all who contribute. You help many!

(Haggis was my dog; I'm Brad)
You’re re-do is starting out right. Shaving is like getting to Carnegie Hall: Practice. Practice. Practice.

Lot’s of great advice available here, but you must determine what works for you.

Welcome to the Madnes!

And....ah, lather! Like the shocks on your ride, when done proper it’s pure comfort.


Thank you for the welcomes.

And....ah, lather!
I'm honestly kind of embarrassed at how "half-fast" I've been making lather all these years. Literally a minute or so more effort and the lather is transformed.

I can already see that brushes and various potions will be the trigger for a spasm of acquisition disorder :( Thankfully there is a TON to read here. I particularly enjoy the SOTD threads. Some of the photography and staging is amazing.