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Delta Pens

I was in Lexington today and stopped at Leather, Inc. (no affiliation etc.) a B&M that has a nice selection of pens. They had some Delta limited edition pens that seem to be the size I like. The price is a size I don't like and the reality is my lifestyle doesn't justify that type of purchase. Nice looking pens though and I can see why people like them. They also have a lot of 30-40% off pens but I just picked up a couple of pilot varsity pens and am going to try some deconstruction of a Super Sharpies and see what I can come up with in my quest for a truly comfortable pen at a price I like that fits my lifestyle. As my grandmother always said, "I have champagne taste, wine budget, and a beer lifestyle".


Cheaper than ink
They're big and beautiful, but I'm not going to pay $500-800 for a cartridge/converter pen even though it does have a 14K gold nib. The Dolcevita looks nice and does feature a piston fill. There are some nice looking ones in the lower end of the price spectrum --Italiana, Anni (which appeals to me), the Secret with its tiny hidden compartment, and some others with steel nibs.

I like the ink! Now that I can afford. :001_rolle
The steel-nib Deltas write really well, and their low-end offerings are surprisingly nice for the money. I have a Vintage -- that's the model name, not the age ..-- and one of the ones with the hidden compartment. Mine is a Scrigno.

It's a nice size pen -- 6 inches capped-- and didn't cost too much, maybe $100, and writes really well.
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