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Declaration Grooming Aftershaves?


I've become a fan of Declaration Grooming offerings, the slickness of their soaps is outstanding and I seem to get more comfortable shaves. I have also really enjoy the aftershave splashes they offer. For some reason, their aftershaves seem to soothe my face more after a multi-pass shave. The first ingredient is witch hazel, so maybe the anti-inflammatory aspect of that ingredient explains it?

I really like my other aftershaves from Black Ship and Stirling, but the DG aftershave just seems to leave my face feeling better after a shave. Have others had this same experience with their products, or do you have other products you'd suggest that excel in this area?

My usual steps are:
Two pass shave (+ occasional touch-up 3rd)
You could try just plain witch hazel to see if that matches your experience with the Declaration Grooming aftershave. If it does, you'll know to look for that as a top ingredient in other aftershaves.

I really enjoy Declaration's soap and aftershave as well. I appreciate that they include a small bottle of menthol that you can add to the a/s if you choose. Personally, I leave it out.


There are three (and only three) aftershave splashes I’ve found (from more than 50 makers) that actually feel like they nurture my face: Maol Grooming, Chatillon Lux and Declaration Grooming. Maol wins the best ”face feel” award, Chatillon wins the best scent award, and Declaration win the all-round award. As Chatillon is now out of the scented aftershave market, it’s a blessing that Declaration has an arrangement with Chatillon to use Chatillon scents in Declaration aftershaves. I believe I’ve got every scent made by all three aftershave makers. Give Maol a try!
Scents aside though, the DG aftershaves are different than the CL aftershaves, they aren’t made with the same ingredients.
Just checked and you are indeed correct. I wasn't aware that they were different formulations. Good to know :thumbsup:
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