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🐽 🐷 🐖 🐗 DecemBOAR 2023!!! Only Boar Brushes for all of December! 🐽 🐷 🐖 🐗

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Good brush in terms of feel, but damn this brush shed 10-15 hairs today and the knot is not dense to begin with 😢
07 December 2023
ATT Windsor Pro SB90
Willy's Premium (1)
Zenith Boar
La Savonnière du Moulin (162)
Hawkins & Brimble
50 years since my first boar. Cheapie from the drugstore, call it Alpha. Maybe 5 years of Omega. Thoughtless, indifferent, I didn't deserve a decent knot, just kept my poor boar sitting on top of a Williams puck, no companions, no photographs, no internet access.
Omegas were not my first boars. Back in the days we only had boars here. Nobody even heard they make badgers somewhere.


Razor/Blade #1 - Yaqi Katana/Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow
Razor/Blade #2 - Canadian Tech/Gillette Platinum
Brush - Goodfellas Smile - Wild Hog
Soap - Arko Hydrate
AS - Proraso Green

Three days of growth so a slightly more efficient razor (Katana) and a slightly milder one for the second pass (Tech). The Wild Hog is fully broken in and it's on the floppier side of things, but nice enough. I do quite enjoy it for face lathering, but it's larger than I usually like my boar brushes.

One of things I do like about DecemBOAR is that it can be a concentrated focus group for boar brushes I may have overlooked and need to add to my shopping list!
@oscar11, I've got the knot out. Just need the time to cut the plastic ring off, then set the knot. I haven't forgotten! Far from forgotten, I'm looking forward to finally getting the brush finished after figuring out the right knot to put in that masterfully crafted work of art!
Had time today, so got it finished. I used silicone to adhere the knot so I could remove the knot to make adjustments, if needed.


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DecemBOAR shave number eight.​

DecemBOAR shave number eight this morning. I was looking for something last night in the bathroom and found this old Eterna Pure Bristle Boar brush from China that I had forgotten about. I now remember why I had it tucked away. Not the greatest brush but I had to give it a try in DecemBOAR.

Prepped with heavily mentholated Van Der Hagen and an inexpensive, but excellent, Vulfix boar.

Shaved with SV and a black walnut brush I turned and set with an Omega knot.

If my two new Simpson boars work as well for me as the Vulfix, I will be satisfied, even though the Simpsons are 3 to 4 times the price of the Vulfix.

The Hess Hair Milk 1 SR and the Timeless 95 OC/SuperMax combo delivered DFS++ results.


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Morning shave was excellent, BBS-, minimal post shave unpleasantries. However, while I loaded generously as usually, and lathered very well, the Mistura is not as generous in despositing it on my face.

No hogging or anything, but it took some coaxing to deposit a layer as generous as my pure-bred oink oinks.

Decemboar 8

Razor: Gillette Tech (pre-war Canada model)
Blade: Gillette Nacet (3)
Brush: Omega 80080 beehive boar
Soap: Laugar of Sweden unscented
A/S: Dickinson's witch hazel
A/S: Eyup Sabri Tuncer #2


This Omega 80080 is the larger of the two Omega beehive style boars I've got. You don't hear much about it, but it's an excellent mid-size brush that feels like a smaller scale Omega 49. The plastic handle has really good grip but could use some extra weight, so I glued three five cent coins inside it.

This Canadian pre-war Tech is one of the nicest shaving Tech razors I've tried. It's in great shape, but it's hard to know precisely when it was made.
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