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🐗 🐖 🐷 🐽 DecemBOAR 2021 - Only boar brushes… for all of December! 🐗 🐖 🐷 🐽

My two new little piggies are having a bath in some Stirling Executive Man and warm water and the red/orange one will be used today.

Initial impression is that both brushes are very high quality for the $$$. Both handles are well made and have some heft to them. Both knots have a noticeable glue knot (5mm or so) which doesn’t bug me with boar knots as they tend to have longer lofts than I like.

I am interested to see how the Zeniths perform vs. my Semogue SOCs.

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Stirling executive man? As a brush cleaner? Is that because its a good cleaner or because you need to use it up etc? Interesting, always good to get little tips.
@Leverspro I would highly recommend it, if its in the budget, a lovely brush that gets super soft and full. This isn't the grume thread so a little brush [email protected]:

@MaineYooper Well done! I imagine I'll probably have one before the month of boars begin. The other one that was so common in this thread is the SOC boar, which I also don't have.
Hope this can help 🤪
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The SOC was my first boar in over 5 years, and the only one until DecemBoar took hold of my wallet! A wonderful gift from @bjm (thanks again, my friend, I have loved every shave and enjoy it more every time I use it!)
I like the Mistura so much I got a backup and then a backup to the backup. Started with the butterscotch then the Taj and finally got the Torga C5 in Mistura. I could settle on using the Mistura exclusively it's so good. My boars and badgers are taking a backseat.

BTW, does the word "Taj" mean anything? Is it just a marketing term for the white resin handle. I don't see any difference between the butterscotch and the taj other than color.
Both the butterscotch and the taj weigh in at 80g. As far as I can tell they are identical except for color. Is taj the name for the handle color? Seems kinda weird. Googling yields lots of references to the Taj Mahal and mention of its color - ivory white. Maybe that's it. Dunno.
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