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December 13 Shop Drop


We plan to do a release tonight (Thursday, 12/13) at 8:00 PM Central. It will be the last one before the holidays. As of now, brushes slated for the drop include: 12 x 26 mm Sumo, 8 x 28 mm High Rise Beehive, 8 x 28 mm Buck Rogers, 8 x 28 mm Churchill, 2 x 28 mm Lotus, 1 x 28 mm PK-47, 1 x 26 mm Cleo, 1 x 26 mm El Dorado, and 1 x 28 mm Falstaff.

In addition, it looks like a number of Barely Seconds have been readied to go in the shop sometime soon. (We don't think of putting up Barely Seconds as standard releases.)