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Decants, how long do they last?

Good evening all and hope all the Americans are getting ready to enjoy the 4th!

My question is regarding decants; how long lived are they when compared to keeping the colognes in their native containers? I understand about the storage factors (dark and cool I believe). When one transfers their colognes into a different container, does it shorten their lifespan?

I currently have the AOS Sandalwood (love the scent) but the atomizer sucks, bad! I want to decant that one. As well, I just got a Trumper Sandalwood and the atomizer is broken! It would spurt/sprtiz at all! So, I need to decant the Trumper for sure and would like to decant the AOS.

Any feedback from gents who have had decants for a while?


Darren, you will not experience any degradation using a atomizer. Of course the decant should have a good seal and should be stored out of sunlight.


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According to the second law of thermodynamics, everything decreases their life expectancy. Don't sweat it.

The decants from Rik, in the cobalt blue atomizers, are great, and should last as long as you need them to.
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