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Debating on trying the Veg.


My sample arrived and using a remote controlled robot I decanted it to a glass dropper bottle.

Unable to resist, and since the spousal unit is working off-premises today, I used it this morning. Went on a bit sticky. If there was a scent *other* than powder I was unable to detect it for several hours. Eventually I sort of forgot about it and now 8 hours later and after a 16 mile bike ride on a warm spring day whatever is left is no longer powder and indeed barely detectable. Certainly not unpleasant. I would say Tabac has longer legs.

I will try again next week and spring it upon my beloved to see if she swoons, makes note, raises an alarm, or stages an intervention.
Be not afraid and go for it. I certainly get complements from the ladies when I wear The Veg. :)
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