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Debating on trying the Veg.

I see so many people giving mixed reviews about Pinaud Lilac Veg. and I’m debating on trying it. What does it smell like? What are your reviews on it.

Just try it. It's cheap. It's different. Don't just try it once... give it a chance. I am somewhat indifferent. Certainly not my favorite but I do enjoy it as a change of pace ever so often.


I love The Veg and use it regularly.

Please remember that all scents are, to some degree, body chemistry dependent. The Veg is no exception.

On me, it smells like Lilacs with a powdery finish. My Bride, daughter, nieces, etc. confirm the same scent when I wear The Veg.

None of us have ever smelled 'cat ****', 'urinal cake', 'funeral home' or any of the other 'colorful' descriptors attributed to The Veg by those with conflicting body chemistry.

Please check out the "The Knights of the Veg Table - An Honor Roll Call for the Chosen" in the Clubs and Brotherhoods room:

The only way to know if you are 'Chosen' to be a Knight of the Veg Table is to get a bottle and try it. :)

Just my opinion and YMMV :cool:
To me it's one of the two quintessential barbershop scents (along with regular Clubman). It has a sharp green, flowery scent that turns a little powdery afterward. I like it very much. It takes some "imagination" today to appreciate it, since it was originally created in a century when tastes were different, but it rewards those who are open to that.
With all due respect to the Knights...I tossed my sample from Maggards as soon as I got a good whiff of it. But to each his own. Get a sample and experience it for yourself. Might not want to plan leaving the house that day. ;)
Fot those of you who try The Veg, but do not care for it.....

May I suggest a PIF with the balance of your bottle of Veg rather than tossing it in the garbage?

Help out some of our B&B Brothers who may want to see if they are Chosen. :)

Just my opinion. :cool:
I would be open to a PIF if someone isn’t using a sample bottle if it.

I tried it one time. It made my face go numb. Smells fine. If you put it in a glass bottle some of the weird synthetic smell goes away and actually smells fairly pleasant.
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