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DE substitute for travel

What do you guys use instead of a DE when you want to carry your shaving gear in your carry-on bag and buying blades at or sending blades to your destination isn't feasible? If one wants to stick to single blades and avoid the lubrication strips, is the only real option something like the Bic disposables, or is there a single-blade cartridge razor out there somewhere?

(I'm sure this has been covered a thousand times, so forgive me.)

BIC Metal disposable.

Single blade. Thicker blade than their Sensitive version. Metal blade guard instead of plastic. Longer handle. Five razors for $2.
I go back to the Sensor for travel. It gives me the quick, mindless and decent shave I need on the road. Plus it makes returning home to my DEs that much more enjoyable.
I tried shaving with one of a pack of cheap supermarket brand single blade disposables (10 for £2 I think) a few days back. With cream and the plastic Wilkinson sword brush (£3.50 so no tears if something happens to it) it worked remarkably well. I haven't had to fly since I switched to the DE but I'll definitely be packing a few of these disposables the next time I can't take a DE with me.

I haven't used the same disposable more than once but given how cheap they are and how heavy my beard is, I'd expect to toss it after a couple of shaves.
I used to travel with a Gillette Techmatic. I'd go back to it if anyone made a cartridge for it anymore. It has a blade like a band saw, sort of. It's a loop of razor blade advanced by a thumb switch on the handle.
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