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    Some time ago, SWMBO introduced me to destination spas and we return to one in particular every year. This was my first visit with my DE shave gear and I shaved each day in the men's lounge since it was next to the steam room and I had my own locker to store the gear. It was my first time DE shaving in public, if you will, and the brush, lathering, and safety razor caught a few glimpses over the days. Two actually stopped and asked about it, and one brought his 20-something son back to show him how his father used to shave. :tongue_sm It was nice to answer questions for those who asked, as I first expected nobody would have cared. I told both who asked me that it was much cheaper and provided greatly superior shaves. I'd like to think I wasn't misleading them about the monetary aspects :001_tt2:

    I guess I know how the military guys who DE shave feel after this experience.

    BTW, 20 minutes in a steam room will do absolutely no harm to shave prep! :w00t:
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  1. That sounds great! A nice way of demonstrating a different (and to my mind, superior) way of doing things. Plus, a sauna sounds lovely this time of year.

    I'm curious as to what percentage of people who switch to wet shaving this way save money (as opposed to people who have always shaved with DE's/SE's/straights). If most people are like those of us on this board . . . you may have been misleading indeed! :001_tt2: Your heart was in the right place, though.
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    That, my boy, is the ultimate shave prep.:thumbup:
  3. Poor whiskers didn't stand a chance after a sauna.

    I would say the comment of the monetary aspects isn't necessarily false. I WOULD be saving money if I shaved with cartridges before DE shaving, but I just had a beard cause it was too much for my face. A cartridge only lasted me 1 single shave before it would shred my face, so for people like me they could definitely save money...just gotta keep the ADs in check.
  4. Yeah, I suppose most who take the plunge will get caught up in the wonderful choices and experience RAD. Honestly, I'm beginning to think I'm fine tuning my rotation enough to know what I like with what I have. That's my story for now, anyway! :ohmy:
  5. Without question! Gotta be steam and not dry sauna, though.

    I could get some good longevity out of carts, but that's only because I knew better than to try and shave anyway but WTG / one pass with them. Anything more than that was asking for trouble!
  6. The ADs aren't inherent to DE shaving; they are a product of forum usage. Someone who takes up DE shaving as a replacement for cartridge shaving, rather than a hobby, and orders his equipment/supplies from Amazon instead of going to the mall for AoS, could conceivably save money...though I could get a million shaves from a Mach3 and a $1.17 can of Barbasol, I certainly didn't spend any more cartridge shaving than I would on the cheapest soap+DE shaving.
  7. That's why they should rename B&B "Father's Ruin".
  8. True, but I'd bet most would find this site for guidance!

    Or Father's Delight - 'Just go to - they know everything about shaving, son'
  9. Me in a nutshell. But, it's cool that you got to introduce a few new people to the wonderful world of wet shaving.
  10. Sounds like a very luxurious way to spend time together... The wife and I need to take a getaway weekend! Especially at a spa with a steam room!
  11. I am on the job, so i have to be clean shaven everyday for duty. I am blown away at how many other officers grill me about this type of shaving. I simply say, I hate shaving , so why not have a lil fun with . My wife got me a AOS Kit for Xmas with a Muhle r106. So far, i have only needed 1 small bandaid ..
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    Great stuff ST!
  13. From a utilitarian point of view DE is definately cheaper than carts. Unfortunately, most of us have no intention of being utilitarian, lol.
  14. Now that I think of it, it's the only time I ever see anyone else shaving, either. It made me cringe to see someone dragging a cart across the face, pressing down, etc. I even saw one guy shaving with no cream! :scared:

    I felt like a shaving evangelist who wanted to help, but shaving is such a personal thing outside of our circle!

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