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FS DE, SE, Injector for sale

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Up for sale is some razors I've accumulated over the year. I love most of the razors listed here. but need to downsize because too many razors have been unused recently.

Worldwide registered shipping is $20, no matter how many you purchase. I'll pay the additional fee. And I'll pay insurance fee if the total cost go high( $150 or more?)

For detailed pics I'll keep posting pics of each razor in following thread.
4. Barbasol Floating Head.

Full box set. nice condition. A couple of dent on the handle end. Plating flaked off a bit on the corner of top cap.

20190815_015218.jpg 20190815_015304.jpg 20190815_015342.jpg 20190815_015416.jpg 20190815_015422.jpg
5. Lix

a unique razor. Proprietary blade(Center pin is a bit bigger.) Two cracks on the handle. The handle looks 2 layered of metal so despite of the crack it looks very stable. It weighs over 100g. $100

20190811_153943.jpg 20190811_154023.jpg 20190811_154042.jpg 20190811_154059.jpg 20190811_154106.jpg 20190811_154120.jpg
8. Gillette Aristocrat 3rd generation.

Razor only. some brassing on the handle. Very clean head. No lazy door. TTO mechanism Works perfectly $75

20190811_154352.jpg 20190811_154404.jpg 20190811_154418.jpg 20190811_154436.jpg
9. Heljestrand Lather Catcher.

a full box set with one wedge blade. NO brassing. Excellent condition. Can be used with Gem blade. Will include
an adapter. $75

20190811_154455.jpg 20190811_154524.jpg 20190811_154532.jpg 20190811_154540.jpg
10. Star Lather Catcher.

A box set. includes 2 wedge blade(one is not a star wedge blade) NO Brassing. Excellent Condition. Will include an adapter(some modification on the adapter is needed) $55

20190811_154712.jpg 20190811_154742.jpg 20190811_154747.jpg 20190811_154751.jpg
11. A lot of German Razors : Neo Gam, Dorko, Corvin(Eorvin? I'm not sure), R1

All in the original paper box. All in the user grade. Works perfectly. $45 for all 4 razors

20190811_155328.jpg 20190811_155356.jpg 20190811_155429.jpg 20190811_155452.jpg 20190811_155519.jpg
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12. Gillette New Improved Big Fellow + Gillette ABC

Gillette ABC : a bent outer teeth. some brassing here and there. User Grade.
Gillette New Improved : Some brassing here and there User Grade. the thread of the head seems a bit short
so it rattles when a blade is not in the razor head. When the blade is mounted, no rattling and works fine. $45 for both

20190811_154840.jpg 20190811_154911.jpg 20190811_154931.jpg
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13. 2 Gem lather Catchers.

User grade. Razor only. Some brassing here and there. $40 for both

20190811_155234.jpg 20190811_155239.jpg 20190811_155249.jpg 20190811_155258.jpg
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14. Ever Ready Lather Catcher + Ever Ready Stropper

User Grade. Some brassing on the razor head. $30 for both

20190811_155207.jpg 20190811_155213.jpg 20190811_155159.jpg 20190815_024058.jpg
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15 and the last one Gillette Tech Flat Bottom thin handle + Swing Razor

Gillette Tech : A box set. a nice condition. very slight brassing on the middle of the handle.
Swing Razor : User Grade. an outer teeth is bent inward. Razor only. $40 for both

20190811_155018.jpg 20190811_155104.jpg 20190811_155113.jpg
For razors under $50, I'll offer a shipping of $10. It is registered shipping but takes much more time and only $33 is covered when it is lost.
16. I will add one more lot. Custom pre war tech + 1948 Aristocrat. Razor only.

Tech : Custom Gun metal plating I dont know who did it. Excellent condition except some uneven plating on the underplate of the cap

Aristocrat : User grade.weak gold plating here and there. Works fine except one lazy door. $ 40 for both

20190815_122353.jpg 20190815_122410.jpg 20190815_122420.jpg 20190815_122427.jpg
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