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DE safety razor for women

There are many options, most oh them already mentioned
Mühle R89 or. EJ DE 89
Rockwell 6s or 6c
Merkur 34c or a closed comb 3 piece option
Razorock Gamechanger or 0.58 Lupo
Giesen und Forsthoff Timor closed Comb
Or. Maybe a vintage Gillette Tech

To be honest, the best would be try some from bst maybe
My wife was not interested for a long time, but eventually considered it for the reduction in plastic waste. She is having great luck with a Henson mild. She wanted something safe, but effective. Using cartridges, she wasn't interested in learning about angles, etc., so the Henson was a good bet.
My wife was happy for several years with a NDC Super Speed, then decided she wanted to try a longer handled razor. I got her a Merkur 23C, which she liked, except she missed the TTO function.

So I got her a ‘63 Lady Gillette, which was the best of both worlds - with the added bonus of a pretty blue color and mid-century “atomic starbursts”. She loves it!
Vintage wise the Lady Gillette nicely fits the bill (my daughter uses one) but the Schick DE aka Krona also is a worthy choice. Not dainty looking but with the long handle and a renowned smooth shave the Schick works too.
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Wife confiscated my Muhle R89 after trying it out.
She also uses my soaps and my Rozorock brush.
But it had 2 benefits :
1) She had great smooth legs, arms and other body parts
2) I was able to buy another razor and brush :)
Just make sure to get the right color. My daughter fell in love with a cheap baby blue long handle 3 piece set I got her from Amazon. My wife loves her pink butterfly from Amazon. Color can mean a LOT for ladies. I don't know why, but I learned to obey the rule. I gave them each a selection of blades from mild Derby to wild BIC and they are now both totally happy and never going back to plastic junk. They both ended up liking Astra blades. I guess you need sharp for legs, but a bit of smooth helps a lot on bony spots like shins and ankles. Long grippy handles make them feel safer. Good luck!
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If cost is important, the Feather Popular is a modern mild TTO razor that's mostly plastic with a light weight cartridge feel to it. Under $20 new on eBay, with a few blades thrown in.
My wife used a 63 or 64 super speed for several years but 2 years ago I found a 64 lady gillette that shes used since (same head, longer handle). She really likes it and has said the longer handle does make a difference ofr ease of use.
You can buy a women's razor without a handle at all. These razors are sold in USA. Easy to shave under the arms.

My wife have taken possession of the Merkur 23C that was given to me as a Christmas gift. She likes to use sharp blades in it. Feather, KIA and Gillette Silver Blues when she runs out of the other two.
I had the Mingshi 2000s adjustable (Merkur style) for a while, but I actually quit using it now - before I bought it, I got a Baidu BD191 and it's better unless I have really extensive growth.

I also use it to shave my armpits and it works really well... though with a couple of months growth it does need a rinse for each stroke.

Zero cuts from it, despite having a couple of small warts in the armpits - and always a nice shave.

The price is stupid - it doesn't even come up as a 'budget' option. Maybe peg it as 'hobo friendly' instead ;)

I can't answer about blades, as I find them all pretty much the same (not doing proper testing, but some Astra Stainless, Gillette Wilkinson Sword, Baidu's own blades were good - but obviously if you see Gillette Blue Blades throw them in the toolkit and don't even test them.

However, before you comment - the original handle did get dropped for the one shown (which came from the 'other' cheap-enough-to-gamble which couldn't shave) for a really nice handle...
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