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I have three DE razors that I would like to give away. All I ask is that the recipients cover shipping costs from Canada.

Up first is an unopened Merkur 38C. It was purchased in late 2020 as part of a razor blade promotion.
Muhle R89 Twist purchased in late 2020. It was used daily until February 2021.
Merkur 34C purchased in February 2021. It was my daily driver until late April 2021.

All are in excellent shape.

In April 2021 I attempted to purchase a vintage razor on eBay but due to customs papers not filled out properly, the razor was sent back to sender. I shared my experience and one of the kind members on this forum gave me the exact razor I was looking for and I will treasure it for many years to come.

This PIF is open until March 6, 2022. Please let me know which razor(s) you're interested in. I will use a random # generator to determine the winners. Thank you!

Merkur 38c.jpg

Muhle R89.jpg

Merkur 34c.jpg
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