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DE Razor w/ smallest head

Hola Gents,

I am curious which DE razor has the smallest or lightest head?

I am formulating a theory that I may be too heavy-handed for my Merkur HD right now as my neck feels like a piece of leather from a catcher's mit. I'm thinking maybe I should work my way up to an HD. I know that I'm not supposed to use any pressure with the 30 degree angle but that is a very very hard concept for me to grasp right now...

I can't tell you how bad I want to grasp this DE shaving...:smile:

cooncatbob said:
:thumbup1: What he said. The 3 piece Tech have the smallest lightest head and their nice razors to boot very underrated.

Yep I concure Its my under the nose go to razor and you can find them at rock bottom prices on ebay yesterday there was one for 1.00 buy it now,yep still there heres the link;


Hope this helps I suspect that you are trying for to much to quick ,get your skills in shape and take your time, you will get there.


I bet it has to be the Knack from Gillette.. This is pretty light.. right?
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