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DE Razor "buyers guide" going up tonight....

I am in the midst of finishing the DE razor buying guide, and should have it up for your viewing pleasure sometime tonight.
For those coming here from Google, this Buyer's Guide was also recently added to the Wiki:


  1. Buyer's Guide for Currently-Manufactured DE (Safety) Razors, Ranked by User-Polled Aggressiveness including details for each razor head on:
    • details of head construction and materials
    • relative price index
    • assembly (TTO, 2-piece, 3-piece)
    • country of origin
  2. Razor Brand/Manufacturer Star-Rating Survey Results
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
    • 3.1 What kind of razors are listed here?
    • 3.2 How do you use a DE razor?
    • 3.3 Won’t I cut myself to shreds with this old-style of razor?
    • 3.4 What safety DE razor should I buy?
    • 3.5 What is razor “aggressiveness”?
    • 3.6 What creates “aggressiveness”?
    • 3.7 What aggression level should I get for my first DE razor?
    • 3.8 Isn't the mildest razor always going to be the best?
    • 3.9 Why not jump right to the most aggressive razor?
    • 3.10 Are the relative aggressiveness rankings scientifically accurate?
    • 3.11 What are the key differences in razor head constructions?
    • 3.12 Should I get a Twist to Open (TTO), 2-piece, or 3-piece razor?
    • 3.13 Limitations of ranking this list included
  4. Companion Polls used towards calculating rankings
    • 4.1 Upcoming polls
    • 4.2 Closed polls
  5. Research links
    • 5.1 Other links
  6. See also

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