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DE n00b with SR question...

Shave ready- probably not. I ignore the stone in the mechanism entirely, just could never get it to work for me. They take on a great edge with a standard honing progression. Regarding shaving, I treat it like a GEM 1912 shave (very flat on the face) but implement skin stretching like with a straight razor. Great shavers. If you can get a handle for it (one that unscrews versus pressure fits imo) I highly recommend sending out a blade to be sharpened and giving it a go. It's nothing to be intimidated by.
I intend to go back to the shop at some point just to see if the handle is there. Somebody may have opened the case and allowed the handle to fall out - it may be laying on the shelf.

Otherwise, I haven't had any luck finding one. I may buy a 10 dollar kit on the bay, even if the box is beat up, just to get a handle and have a second blade.
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