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DE Daily Shavers, What Is Your Weapon of Choice?

South Dakota Guy

After this thread runs for a bit I will try to tabulate the most popular razors for daily shaving. Looks like it is going to be a busy week for me so I am not sure when that will happen.
I'm all over the place and use a wide variety of razors..... ;)

20210104: Yates Stonewashed Stainless 921-H
20210103: RazoRock Lupo Stainless w/DLC
20210102: Charcoal Goods Stainless Everyday
20210101: Blackland Vector OC
20201231: Ikon B1 OSS
20201230: Rex Envoy
20201229: Blackland Razors Dart
20201228: Karve Mixed OC-C
20201227: Occam's Stainless DE Safety Razor (Full OC Plate)
20201226: Ikon B1 Standard
20201225: Blackland Razors Brass Blackbird
20201224: Blackland Razors Vector OC
20201223: Yates 921-H (Charcoal Goods Copper Maze Handle)
20201222: RazoRock Stainless Lupo w/DLC
20201221: Rex Envoy
20201220: Blackland Blackbird SB
20201219: No Shave
20201218: Fatip Lo Storto Originale
20201217: No Shave
20201216: Gillette Tech/NEW Hybrid (England) (Charcoal Goods Copper Hammered Handle)
20201215: No Shave
20201214: GEM MMOC (with bumps)
20201213: Blackland Razors Vector OC
20201212: Yates Model 921-HYB Brass Base + Model 921 Stainless Cap (Charcoal Goods Hammered Brass Handle)
20201211: ATT CR1 Copper Base + H1 Stainless Cap (ATT Copper handle)
20201210: Blackland Razors Blackbird SB
20201209: Fatip Lo Storto Originale
20201208: Gillette Tech/NEW Hybrid (England) (Charcoal Goods Copper Hammered Handle)
20201207: GEM Featherweight Deluxe
20201206: Blackland Razors Vector OC
20201205: ATT CR1 Copper Base + H1 Stainless Cap (ATT Copper handle)
20201204: Karve Mixed OC-C (Brass handle and cap + Stainless OC-C plate)
20201203: Blackland Razors Blackbird SB
20201202: Blackland Razors Blackbird SB
20201201: Gillette Tech/NEW Hybrid (England) (Charcoal Goods Copper Hammered Handle)

Only missed 3 days since 12/1. :)
David, I think you could shave daily with a razor blade duct taped to a popsicle stick. :ouch1:
I have shaved every day for as long as I can remember - even going back to my college days in the early 1970's. For many years I only used one razor, first a Gillette Black Beauty, (then a brief interlude with cartridge razors) then a Merkur Progress and finally an Edwin Jagger DE89. Now I have 7 razors, with two more on the way, and pick one at random on any given day.
  • EJ DE89
  • Muhle Rocca
  • ED 3ONE6
  • Yaqi Double Open Comb Slant
  • Fatip Open Comb
  • Classic Shaving Enoch (AC single edge)
  • Gem MMOC (Gem single edge)
I too am a daily shaver. So my criteria for any razor I own: be able to use it daily for as long as desired.

Weekdays. Rex Ambassador—today was 211th with it. Somehow it never seems to grows old.

Weekends. Vintage Gillettes are a lovely change of pace: usually Fatboy or 3-piece RFB, but the British Aristocrats (Gen 0, 1 & 4) come out from time to time.

Travel. Timeless Ti 0.95 OC. It’s light, rugged, and easily replaceable should misfortune arise.

Happy shaves!
RazoRock BBS Stainless Steel with 7 O'clock Black and Parker Variant Adjustable (setting #3, 4, 5 step up method) with Supermax Platinum Plus / Wilkinson Sword (India).
This can be repeated throughout the year, no problem.

I'm trying out the blade sample pack out of interest about the variety of blades available, but, any other blades that I've tried fell short of the above combination.


My shaving frequency fluctuates. Sometimes I slip into every two or three days, and at other times I am shaving daily, or almost daily. The primary razor remains the same throughout, an Edwin Jagger DE3D14.

The blades I use will typically be one of the following, but there are a few other strays in the box too.

Wilkinson Sword Classic
Astra SP
Gillette SharpEdge
Derby Premium
Derby Extra
SuperMax Blue Diamond Titanium
SuperMax Super Stainless
Personna Platinum

I will switch to a different razor occasionally, but not often, and not for long.
Gillette Slim on 3 or so
Gillette Fatboy on 3 or so
Wilkinson Sword Sticky (underated mild razor)

My only three razors for a long time now.

All with a sharp blade like Kai or Feather.

I am also a fan of the mild razor with sharp blade for everyday shaves. I also stick to a two pass shave at most. Fewer passes, less irritation.
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