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DE Blades PIF for Rookies

I'm participating in the "One Blade in February" challenge and after 24 shaves (so far) with the same blade, I finally realize I have far more than I need. So, I plan to eat this elephant sandwich one bite at a time and offer a few nibbles to my fellow B&B members. These are not blades I dislike, but rather some blades I have in abundance.


Who is eligible? Anyone who joined B&B on or after 1 February 2020. This offer is only available for shipment to CONUS/AK/HI/APO/FPO/DPO addresses because of postage costs.

How to enter? I have chosen a number less than 100. Pick a number and post it here. The closest entry wins. In the event of a tie, there will be up to 3 winners and they will be selected from the first entries posted. Please, only one entry per person.

You may already have a generous supply if you've been a B&B member for more than a few months, but maybe there are some blades here you are curious about and haven't had a chance to try yet. I will not ask for a detailed report on the blades, but try to use at least one from each tuck and feel free to post your experiences. And if you don't like the blade for any reason, please either save the rest for a later date or pass the remaining unused blades in the tuck to someone else rather than throwing them away.

I will announce the winner(s) Friday at 02:26 PM CST (UTC-06:00) and plan to have the blades in the mail by Saturday morning.

Good luck!

-- Benjamin
Very generous PIF, I hope this helps out some new guys to the forum! In the middle of my blade trials currently, and man these are all some decent blades!
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Very generous of you. I love the SuperMax Blue Diamond. Bought a pack of 100 recently. Sharp and very smooth blades.

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I got the blades last night! Decided to test out the supermax blue diamond with my rex ambassador.

This was a real test as I shaved 3 days growth with setting 6 on all three passes, which is not an easy task in this razor. The blade was smooth on all 3 passes! I was very impressed with this blades first go taking on 3 days of growth without issue and I had a fantastic face shave this morning. It played very nicely with the rex ambassador. I'll give it a go with my head shave later and a couple more but it looks like I may be making a purchase of these in the near future

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