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de blade storage + razor & accessories etc holder

hey people so this is what I got after thinking and looking at other peoples ideas and photos etc,

So I really had to think about this for it to suit my needs but I thought I'd create this thread for anyone else thinking about what to do so just wanted to put it out there

First tip id say after a lot of searching is search for words like make up organiser etc and some good stuff come up on places like eBay, Amazon etc

so I got this acrylic rotating make up holder, the fact it rotates is good plus it's acrylic so no need to worry about the moisture that you get in the air with using the shower frequently etc, in the bathroom, that being said I put it in the store room of the bathroom so not really a biggie for me tbh

it's actually a good size and you can choose where to place the four holders around it so whether you want them lower or higher of each other etc and you don't need to use them if you want to put longer things in i.e shampoo, shower gel etc.

I find the top is good for shaving brushes, shavettes etc but obviously however you lay it out is personal preference ☺

One con I'd say is that it's a bit flimsy but for the price point can't knock it tbh

I'm going to order two of these make up brush/toothbrush holders below, so I'll use them as razor holders

finally was using a old fashioned tin that was laying around for my de blades but wanted something nice to put them in, I seen some people in the wet shaving forums make their own drawers for this but I'm absolutely crap when it comes to DIY so I then I saw some people using cigar boxes which is a really good idea and they look nice too because some of those wooden boxes are classy as they were made to hold expensive cigars but imo only draw back is they come in different sizes and from the ones I saw on eBay UK etc they were thin and didn't have much depth

Another thing was I wanted something ideally with a lock or something i could attach a lock too because of having kids in the house, although my kids aren't exactly toddlers but you can never be too safe, trust me I know I cut myself quite deeply today just below my finger nail,m and was deep, normally I'm very careful handling blades as I've been handling them for years anyways was my fault 🤦🤷

So today in Lidl I saw this coin case and straight away I had a light bulb moment lool 😂

So I looked at it, it's a briefcase style ( as you can see in pics below), it's got two latches with a locking mechanism, it's wide as well as having a good amount of depth, so seemed to fit the bill and its only like £13 with three year warranty, loads in my local Lidl too in Birmingham in anyone's after one

Those are all 3 great ideas! I like seeing people get creative solving storage/organizing of their shave gear. Please post pics after you get them & have them loaded up.
Yea when I cba lol

Seen some people pay a fair bit for their stands etc so Im a bit of a bargain hunter like to find value for money, don't get me wrong I like to spend too lol
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