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DE, Blade rotation?

I'm just getting started shaving with a DE but I have a background in sharpening. I was wondering the other morning if it made send to turn over the blade after each use? Does anyone know if the act of shaving bends the edge of the blade, similar to a kitchen knife that has to be steeled straight for maximum sharpness.

Any thought?

I don't think I've ever heard of anyone doing that. Not sure if it would help significantly or not. Most people seem to be of the view that since the blades are so cheap you might as well just toss them after 4-7 shaves and forgo any serious attempts at trying to prolong the life.
Your idea makes sense to me. After all, if you use a straight razor you strop the blade before each use to straighten the blade.
I don't pay attention to which side of the razor I am using when I shave, so I could go through both sides depending on how I put it down to lather and then pick up to continue. Thanks to Ebay I toss my Derby after a couple of shaves.
I have the same numbers on the Swedish Gillette Platinum blades and I'm also still wondering/researching what those are for.

With regards to turning the blades themselves upside down: I won't do it cause as already mentioned, they are so damn cheap and it would be too much of a hassle.

I also think that since the edges are so thin and sharp, whether you turn them upside down or not, it won't make much of a difference since when you cut the beardhairs you cut it with the edge of the blade. The cut part of the beardhair and the lather typically builds up above the blade, thus decreasing the sharpness of the upper part of that blade.

Maybe I'm just thinking too much about it but if anyone advises to turn the blades upside down for a very good reason then maybe I'll have to try it out for a few blades. :001_smile
As all the replies indicate It seems no one knows if flipping the blade will extend the useful life of said blade, I believe that its not practical- a few of the gents mentioned that with 2 edges its difficult to keep track of which side has been used so add X2 to the mix and you would have a real chalange. Unless you had access to a very good microscope any sharpness test would be subgective anyway.
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