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De/blade matching

Loaded a Personna red in a Fatip grande, first use. Awful: lot of tugging, seemed like it wasn't sharpened at all, all the stubble remained on my face. After a WTG painful pass, I passed on my EJ89 loaded with an Astra, and finished with no more than a decent DFS (too great irritation).
Passed the same Personna, today, on the former EJ89: cutting sweetly, effortless, and a final, beautiful BBS (on second use, notice).
So, I think it is very likely that a wonderful all-around blade simply DOESN'T EXIST: differences between blade and blade are more subtle than differences between different matches.
What do you think?
I couldnt agree more. There is sucha huge difference even between Astra SS and SP's. When I first started reading posts here I figured all blades were "pretty much" the same.......oh how wrong I was. Now I HAVE TO try every blade and find the perfect razor/blade match....How does wet shaving save money again??? ;)
Absolutely, huge differences with the same blade, in different razors. I just recently discovered an excellent combo for me. A Shick Krona with the SuperMax Super Platinum. Fabulous shave, zero weepers, nicks nothing. 3 pass BBS. That same blade in a SC NEW- just kinda- meh, very average.
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Im relatively new here and recently started using a double edge razor - based on my initial shaves i cant agree more that blade matching to your razor is the key - so far my most comfortable shave was with a red trip gilette razor with derby green blades most unpleasant
Deepening concepts, I believe it could depends also on blade rigidity vs razor exposure: the ones with lot of exposure require a stiffer , little exposured are more forgiving with blade flexubility(=likely to tug and/or nick)
I must be lucky. I find that Personna Labs and Voskhods perform EXACTLY the same for me, and EXACTLY the same in each of the 8 razors I own. I love both of them for sharpness and comfort. And they are pretty inexpensive. And I get 4 days of shaves easily from both blades.

Yeah. Lucky!
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