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    yep, I signed up for their emails yesterday. looking forward to receiving them. :001_smile
  1. Maybe, with enough effort. But it's a heck of a lot easier to get there with a razor well suited to one's face. And honestly, there are some razors I don't think I could have ever gotten a good shave with even though I believe myself to have grown quite adept with a DE.

    Years ago, in the straights forum, when I was inquiring as to the why's and wherefores of that manly art, I mentioned that I was shaving daily with a Futur set to 6. The overwhelming response was that anyone who can shave daily with a Futur set to 6 can shave with anything -- even a shard of flint or broken glass. Hyperbole obviously but you get the point. I shave with the most aggressive razors with ease. Most mild shavers, with enough effort, can be beaten into submission against the shoals of my wiry beard. But some are just not up to the challenge.
  2. For me, no more effort, but I do shave everyday.
  3. I do too. Well, not always. Perhaps if I did, I could shave with anything. But not easily. I mean, it's that last little wisp of whisker that's hard to get.
  4. It’ll never happen, but it sure would be nice.
  5. That's the difference, you eyesight is better than mine.....LOL!!:eek2:
  6. Heck no! Just feel it with my hand. That's how I check the quality of the shave. If I'm being fanatical, I'll pull out a cotton ball. But that's typically just if I'm doing a shave-off or otherwise putting a razor through its paces to understand what it can accomplish.
  7. Rotflmao.....cotton ball !!!!:jump:
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    +1 to all three above.


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    Thanks for taking the time to post the info.

    I agree with BigJ. He summed it up perfectly.

    As a generalization, and a light one at that, the info they provided gives a basic understanding but its much more complex than they state. This has been a hotly debated and discussed subject on B&B for as long as I've been a member here. :angel:

    I believe there are 'aggressive' razors but its more common to use a razor more aggressively than one should which may make one believe its a more aggressive razor than it is.

    Aggressiveness is also mistaken for efficiency, but they are very different aspects of even the same razor.

    There is much to read around the forum on all aspects related to razor design and geometry with regard to each individual aspect of blade reveal, blade exposure, blade gap, blade angle, et al.

    One thing they did not mention however, and what I consider makes a razor more or less 'aggressive' is how much baseplate support the design lends the blade. DE blades are very thin and very flexible. For me personally, the more baseplate support a razor has, the smoother and more comfortable a shave it will give. Conversely, the more baseplate support offered by a razors design, the less 'aggressive' the shave will be because the blade is held in a more static state and less prone to flex.

    The quote below is from the Chris Kirchen reddit AMA. The designer and maker of the Karve razor.

    If you have an interest in the subject, a quick search of the word 'rigid' will yield much to read.
  10. I liked the article for the point that I quickly have a better understanding of what you guys are talking about when describing razors. That is why I posted it not as a definitive article on razors but just as a quick introduction so people can understand what you guys are saying.
  11. There is an element of machismo in using/needing/ being able to uan aggressive razor.
    I meant to respond and forgot. I've never used a Futur, but I do use a straight and a shavette. If shaving with the Futur means you shave with the blade and the holder does not come in contact with your skin, as you would with a shavette, I can understand the response from the forum.

    Did you stop using the Futur?
  12. Yeah, when I came back here some months ago the Futur went in a drawer and it's sat there ever since. I have a stable of around 15 aggressive razors I've been using of late. The Mark Cross -- which can be set up to be aggressive or mild -- is my latest fascination.
  13. Congratulations on the Mark Cross. :a29:
  14. Thanks! :a14:

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