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FS dbl duck straight, aristo jr, aristo, old type

Straight razor, dubl duck round point, 5/8 size I bought on this site about a year ago, prev owner said it was newly honed. I used it once and went back to my DE, paid $90, asking $75 plus $6 shipping straight - 1 (1).jpg straight - 6.jpg straight - 5.jpg straight - 4.jpg straight - 3.jpg straight - 3 (1).jpg straight - 2.jpg straight - 2 (1).jpg straight - 1.jpg
Gillette old style No 501, 1921,serial N853944. Dark brown case, blade bank. paid $85 asking $85 plus $6 shipping to CONUS old type - 1.jpg CONUS old type - 1.jpg old type - 7.jpg old type - 2.jpg old type - 3.jpg old type - 4.jpg old type - 5.jpg old type - 6.jpg Paid $85, asking $85 plus shipping to the CONUS
Aristocrat Jr with red case. Made in England. Excellent condition, case spring works as intended. Asking $90 plus $6 shipping to CONUS arist jr case #60 - 1.jpg arist jr case #60 - 7.jpg arist jr case #60 - 6.jpg arist jr case #60 - 2.jpg arist jr case #60 - 3.jpg arist jr case #60 - 4.jpg arist jr case #60 - 5.jpg
Aristocrat with case. Razor is in excellent condition. Case is in good condition, case spring works properly, blade bank
Asking $80 to CONUS
aristo 98 - 2.jpg aristo 98 - 3.jpg aristo 98 - 4.jpg aristo 98 - 5.jpg aristo 98 - 6.jpg aristo 98 - 7.jpg


Hannah's Dad

I Can See Better Than Bigfoot.
It’s actually a British #58 Set — neither a Rocket nor a Jr. (though there is an anomalous advertisement out there which called it an Aristocrat Jr.). It’s lovely, whatever you choose to call it!
Lower prices:

straight razor now $65
old type, now $75
#58 in red case now $75
aristocrat, brown case $65
aristocrat in brown case sold

still available, new decreased price
Gillette old type $65 +$4 shipping
Gillette #58 in red case $65 +$4 shipping