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Day at the beach gold dollar mod for this years competition

So this year I decided I would have to get in on the fun of the gold dollar mods. I became a member last spring and saw all of the modifications and thought they looked amazing. I have never considered myself a fabricator or restorer of any means until I got into straight razors. All of the razors I've ever used have been redtorations I've done myself and have only gotten better. Learned to hone, strop, and even built a little shop dedicated to restorations. Well this year was the year. I was a little late getting to the party but another member offered to send me a gold dollar for free so I could get in on the action and here it is!

Another member called it "a day at the beach" and it stuck better than what I called it. It's meant to look like a shark bitten surfboard and a water drop covered blade that I etched with ferric chloride and nail polish. It's big but that's part of the effect. The scales are zebrawood sanded to 800 the 3 layers of tung oil and a wax finish. I went with wax because, well you gotta wax a surf board! And, even though it took a great edge, it probably will see more display time than shave time. So here it is, "a day at the beach."
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