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Dawn Wells--RIP


I’m not a fan
I have heard so much bad about WW 1984, I do not think I am going to bother.

Lynda Carter lives somewhere fairly near us. We used to see her from time to time at, say, kids soccer or basketball games. She seems to remain lovely in every respect. I have certainly been close enough in person to her to hear her speak, but I do not remember anything that stood out about here voice.

Gal Gadot seems great, too.
I always thought she had a lovely voice, matter of fact she's somewhat of a successful singer. But in her WW 1984 credits cameo, her voice was very strange, to me.
In that case, the answer is "Yes. Most definitely, yes." And if you watch Wonder Woman 1984, watch through the credits. You're welcome.
I have to say, Gal would be so much more than a Fall/Spring "trophy" wife. Exceptional intelligence. But, then, Lynda Carter is no slouch either, just the unreachable 7 years older than I. (Funny how those elementary/junior-high/high school premises can still impact current life experience.)
Never seen Samantha vs. Jeannie brought up, though. Or Emma Peel vs. Agent 99.
That's simply because ALL four of those Ladies would be welcome for however long they chose to grace me with their presence. And I'd be perfectly happy if the only qualification was it was 'only' a working relationship!
As I was watching 2 or 3 or 15 consecutive episodes of The Office last weekend the thought occurred to me that Steve Carell is a more successful (or simply luckier) Don Adams.
But Don Adams was better in the Get Smart series than Steve Carell was in the movie remake.
Shame on all of you for turning an "R.I.P.-Dawn Wells" tribute into a "who's hotter?" debate!

The beloved 82 year-old lady was yet another tragic victim of the Covid-19 "Coronavirus."

Let us remember that, while I turn to stating the obvious...that Mary Ann beats Ginger hands down any day!

ps...and or course, Emma peel trumps Agent 99 as well. I mean, c'mon, a black leather jumpsuit and a martini....who are we kidding?
Was there a Get Smart remake with Carell? I had no idea- I actually thought I was being original!
There was, and Carell was probably the only actor nowadays who could have carried off the role of Maxwell Smart. (Not to mention his star turn as "Uncle Arthur" in the Bewitched movie about 15 years ago.) The film was not very funny, and was full of modern PC stuff, i.e., Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) was shown to be not only more competent than Max, as in the original, but also "empowered," that is, annoying and snippy about it. And Max starts off as a nerdy researcher or analyst (I think) who gets a chance to be an agent.

Good casting, but H'wood no longer knows how, or is afraid, to write real jokes and make them pay off.
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