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Daughter Got Into My Blades!

So today was a new one and a potential close call. My two year old very busy daughter loves to watch me shave. She likes to sniff the shaving soap, hold my brush, help me make the lather, etc. I got shaving away and did what every good parent does- generally ignored the activity and noise she was making, as she always likes to open the bathroom drawers, sort through deodorant, etc. After awhile thought, I started realizing I was hearing a lot of paper rustling. I looked down and there she was unwrapping Astra SP blades!

She had fully unwrapped three razor blades and had them in a pile. I was frankly shocked that all she had was one tiny nick on the top part of her thumb. That could have been a lot messier.......
O she´s so lucky! An angel must have protected her.
My boys are 5 y.o. and I keep the blades high enough that they can´t reach them. Sometimes I´m considering a locking system, just in case.
As a young child I tried to shave with my dad´s Trac II, fortunately my mom got me before something terrible happened. I never saw the razor in my reach for years...
Thanks God that lessons can be learned without feeling the pain.
I don't know what you mean by saying( what every good parent does) your daughter is very lucky it didn't turn out worse. I hope if you have any firearms in the house they are put up where no child can get a hold of them.

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To this day I have a scar on my thumb from my mom/sister's Gillette.

No, they're not toys.

Well, there's one advantage to growing up in a family where Dad shaves with an electric. :letterk1:

I'm sure all of us who are parents tried to reduce the dangers our little darlings encountered. Curiosity (and just plain cussedness on my part) always leads kids to find the thing we DIDN'T put away instead of all the many things we've put away, up high, or locked or plugged or taken out of the house entirely.

On the other hand, nearly all of the scars I've gathered over the years came from my own efforts. AND after I was old enough not to stick forks in electric outlets, too.

I’m always worried about this particularly with straight razors in the house. My daughter is 3.5 years old so at least I can explain to her now what not to touch and why. She understands that certain house hold items are for grown ups only. Getting a nick is always a good visual demonstration. I keep everything out of reach but she always amazes me with her climbing abilities. Nothing short of a lock and key is safe anymore. She can undo childproof locks with ease. I try not to glamorize the shaving gear too much or make it look like a game. They would get the idea pretty quick after the first cut but the first cut could be a bad one.
I once carelessly left a paper-wrapped Merkur blade on my parent's kitchen table and my Mom cut herself while picking it up off the surface. Talk about guilt!
My 13yr old son cut himself on a used blade of mine. He wouldn’t admit to it but I knew better. I ditched the altoids tin and made a better blade bank. We do our best as parents but my oldest likes to learn the hard way...just like me

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I'm very glad to hear that your daughter only suffered a tiny cut. It could have been so much worse. Thank goodness for small blessings!

Luckily, I haven't had any similar issues here. Kids will get into anything if you let them! Reminds me of when I was around four years old and loved watching my Dad shave. One day, I grabbed at a razor while he was shaving with it. He jerked it away, ending up with a gash on his cheek.

Boy, did I get a lecture! I don't recall what he said, but I remember how upset he was, he was shaking! Looking back, I know now that he wasn't actually mad at me... he was just sick with worry that I might cut myself.

From that point on, he didn't let me sit on the counter while he shaved. Lesson learned! :thumbup1:
Two words, magnetic locks, the same used in many doctors offices to keep patients out of the cabinets. Requires a magnetic key to disengage the mechanism to open the cabinet.
They were the only child safety locks that keep my daughter out of cabinets in the kitchen and under all sinks when she was younger. Now almost 7 and they still keep from getting into things, especially the maple syrup and the honey!
I am 45 and still have a small scar on my index finger from a blade of some sort that I got my hands on as a youngster.

Now I need to go ask my to remind me exactly what happened.
It doesn't just happen to kids. I was changing the blade in my razor the other night when it slipped out of my hand and the blade sunk into my thumb, causing a fairly deep cut and an alarming amount of red added to the sink, the wall...it wasn't pretty. No stitches, fortunately (it helps to have been an EMT and used to dealing with red stuff coming out), but man, these things can bite you when you least expect it. Glad your little girl didn't get hurt seriously.
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