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Dating Gillettes from Canada

I've got a Pocket edition shell pattern silver plated case with a Canadian gillette inside, does anyone know if the Canadian serial numbers can be dated? The serial number is 237536.

It looks like the No.502 set from 1917


The handle I have is different to the 502 set. Its silver plated but might not be from the original razor.
I think, the canadian day codes are the same at the U.S.A. day codes. Nice find! No letter to the numbers? Only 237 537 is 1905.
Thanks Achim. It is only numbers, my guess was it post dated 1908 as the head has the gillette diamond logo, so maybe the Canadian numbers are different.
All the Gillettes I bought in Canada were made in the U.K

CanaDEan Shaver and I were just talking about this. I have three Tech's that were made in Canada including a 4pc. and two Fat Handles and he has located Canadian NEW's up there as well. I wonder just what Gillette produced in Canada and when? With all the English made Rockets in Canada I wonder why I've never come across a British Red Tip up north?
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