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Lee Sabini has agreed to supply and set the knots. He may also assist in finishing some handles and engraving or applying labels. The brushes will bear a new brand and be marketed as the product of collaborative work carried out in both Kansas City and London.

Oh my! Will you.. errr... be a bit more "reachable"...?:lol:

Just kidding.


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Thanks, once again, for the patience and continuing interest. I haven't meant to blow off updating this thread. It's just become a bit awkward to carry on posting here without much that's really new to say. Where things essentially stand is that the first 100+ handles we shipped to England were delivered there a little over two weeks ago, and now we're waiting on others to do their parts.

Thanks also to everyone who asked to be placed on our mailing list. There's no good way for us to avoid adopting group emails as a communication tool, and I started to write one a couple of times, but couldn't bring myself to do it this first round. Problem is I haven't had time to respond to everyone individually, but I will.

Recent Dark Holler activities have included adding more equipment, tooling, etc.; casting our first molds for use in small-scale, custom-rod production; starting work on some additional handle designs; and getting underway with turning a batch of Chief IIs and PK-47s from Purple Haze, Faux Jade, Faux Briar, and Faux Ebony stock. I'll post photos of those in the next day or two.

For now, here's an Ebonite handle we turned this past Friday night. The first one we made from this particular rod reminded me of Ray Bradbury's novel Something Wicked This Way Comes. So we cut another piece and saved it for Halloween.

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Great looking brush Ken, thanks for the detailed update. That knot looks perfectly suited for that handle shape and size.
Thanks for the update Ken. The news about custom rods really broadens the horizon, doesn't it?

The design of the PK-47 handle has a touch to it that really speaks to me. The Ebonite as material is very easy for the eye but I can only imagine the problems when handling it on the lathe.

Just remember the old saying:

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The ox is slow, but the earth is patient

Email sent! I need to be on the ever growing list of folks who order one (3 or 4) of these. I haven't scored my first brush yet and Id like to make one of Ken's my first if possible. :biggrin1:
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