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Damn, is five blades good?!

Welp, here's the scoop. So I've been trial shaving with a Schick ST2 disposable set, (pretty good, by the way) when I decided that in all that is fair, I'd give these five blade Chinese no-name 5 blade disposables a try from Dollar Tree. They came in three to six blade offerings. Now, the shave I got from this thing with a day's growth was what I had kind of expected; pulling, but being OK at the same time (The lube strip worked when it wanted to).

Anyway, the five blade DID give me a damn near 90%+ smooth neck on a 2 pass shave, especially my Adam's Apple area. I was mixed on the performance of that razor, but it DID get me interested in at least giving a five blade a shot. So, to not break my bank, I bought a Schick Hydro 5 with the handle and 2 carts. Waiting to test it tomorrow to see if I can get the holy grail of shaving, a one pass shave!
Save your money and get a $10 Schick E Type injector and some Schick injector SE blades. You'll get one of the best shaves after at low cost.
Perhaps 12 blades would be better than 6?? :a13::a13:
I found that the concept of 5 blades is great only if I'm looking to make my clean up passes slightly easier. Sure, I like it, but not enough to justify the prices these things cost.


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I have only used a 3 blade cartridge razor in the past, worked fine. I still get the best shaves from a cartridge razor from my Schick Super 2. It has my back in times of trouble.
Save your money and get a $10 Schick E Type injector and some Schick injector SE blades. You'll get one of the best shaves after at low cost.
Have to agree with that. This what a E2 looks [email protected] if curious.
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When I used to shave my head, I used the Gillete Fusion as it gave me a near perfect shave every time. Very rare for me to have to retouch spots. It also helped prevent pulling, and more importantly, deep cuts and nicks from single or double blade systems. Best shave to date in terms of passes, and smoothness.

But, not so in cost. If I did my head, face and neck M-F, I'd get a week out of the cartridge head. But, at about $40/month, it gets expensive very quickly.

I still have the Fusion, and I buy heads about once a year now as I use it them exceedingly rare. First is when I need to be in the office and can't afford a nick of one of the moles on my neck. They don't stop bleeding for a very long time, and a stypic pen is useless on them. Needing to shave quickly, again to avoid slicing moles is another reason. Same with wanting to do a complete restart, which I do every 3-4 weeks. I also take this when I travel, as I don't need to worry about restrictions since I don't check luggage.

I think it's worthwhile to keep modern shaving equipment for a few different reasons.
Look, to be fair, a five blade system isn't too bad if the quality is descent. The blades do make cleanup passes easier. I'd pay about somewhere about 70 cents per cart for that ease of use. But at nearly 1.25 or more on average, I expect that cart to plow right on through a day's worth of stubble in one go, be BBS after the first pass, and make me morning coffee. Now, Shick's Hydro 5 did perform reasonably well. In fact, had they not had the ungodly slime strip, I'd probably just have taken the handle back, got the Hydro 3 version, and then used the five blade carts they dole out. I'm on the fence about trying a Dorco razor. They are on sale at a variety store here in my town. Carts for both the Pace 3 and 6 are like a buck a cart.
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